Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dissent will not be tolerated say our "Stand with Walker" right wing authoritarians.

Stand with Walker supporters had to bus in protesters!
The wacky right and their envious spokesperson Vicki "I am AFP" McKenna failed to convince very many people to turn out at the Capitol, especially knowing their Americans for Prosperity buses could only transport a limited number of seniors at a time.

That wasn't true of the hard working Wisconsinites who turned out to support all labor, including the vilified teachers in our classrooms.

The tea party "counter protests" were so small and embarrassing that there is no photographic evidence available anywhere.

When it comes to Act 10, this is how Wisconsin Republicans saw the mass turnout of protesters standing up for workers. Guess we don't want to see American redressing their government again anytime soon? McKenna actually wrote this on her Facebook page...

You'll love this comment...
"This is one of the reasons why education should be entirely privatized. Wisconsinite turned against Wisconsinite with such rancor because teachers' salaries & benefits became a public matter."

Anyone else worried about that copy of your voter ID?

I'm wondering if "freedom and liberty" loving small government conservatives ever thought about what happens to those picture ID copies sent along with their absentee ballot?
Those seeking to vote absentee this fall will have to provide local clerks a copy of their photo ID before their ballots will be counted, GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said today.
Gee, I would hate to see a partisan election worker accidentally leave with a few copies in their pocket. Or maybe a quick smart phone pic when nobodies looking, so someone could print one out later just in time for another important election.

Spreading your ID around in the mail and left to the devices of a corrupt election official in a back room somewhere sounds like an even bigger problem than the mythical identity theft known as voter fraud.

Warm up the scanner folks, someone wants your ID...

Burke and Walker/Happ and Schimel races even, majority want to improve ObamaCare.

Here's the latest Marquette Law School Poll, still showing a dead heat between Mary Burke and Scott Walker, and closer race for the attorney general. You'll also notice how Wisconsinites who aren't happy with the Affordable Care Act actually want to overwhelmingly improve it, not repeal it. jsonline:
Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke are tied among registered voters at 46%.
 Among likely voters, Walker leads Burke 49%-46%.

Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, the Democratic candidate, led Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel, a Republican, by 39% to 38%, among registered voters.

Among likely voters, Schimel led Happ, 42% to 41%.

Poll director Charles Franklin noted that in the latest poll, "There is a substantial movement among Republicans to be more enthused and more likely to vote."

42% said Wisconsin was lagging other states in creating jobs, 37% about the same and 13% faster. In August, 48% said the state was lagging others.

On the state budget, 41% said it was better than a few years ago, while 27% said it was worse.

54% of voters said the state was headed in the right direction, 42% said it was on the wrong track, the same as in August.

Walker's job approval was 49%, with 46% disapproving of his performance as governor.

Burke was viewed favorably by 36% of voters and unfavorably by 35%.

Walker was viewed favorably by 49% and unfavorably by 45%.

Asked if marijuana use should be legal, 46% said it should be while 51% said it should not be legal.

Photo identification to vote is favored by 51% and opposed by 35% of those polled. Franklin said, "87% of Republicans backed photo ID and 62% of Democrats opposed it. Partisan differences here quite strong but overall pretty broad support."

40% have a favorable view of the Affordable Care Act while 50% had an unfavorable view. Asked what to do with the act, 10% would keep it, 50% would improve it, 19% would replace it and 18% would repeal the measure that is known as Obamacare. 

On accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid in the state, 61% would accept the cash, while 29% would reject the money.

Asked how to pay for highways, 30% said raise taxes, 5% said borrow money, 13% said build less while 42% said to take the money from other budgets. "Unfortunately, taking from other budgets was the easy out," Franklin said.

Support remains strong for approving a Kenosha casino, with 50% approving and 39% rejecting the proposal.
The sample leaned conservative though, and might be an "outlier." 
Franklin said. “But in the September poll, it is Republicans who have an advantage in enthusiasm. Eighty percent of Republicans said they are certain to vote in November, compared to 73 percent of Democrats and 69 percent of independents. In August, 82 percent of Democrats, 77 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of independents were certain to vote.”

Differences in partisan enthusiasm were also reflected in the composition of this month’s sample. Republicans hold a 1-percentage-point advantage among registered voters polled, with 29 percent identifying themselves as Republicans and 28 percent saying that they are Democrats. A total of 41 percent say that they are independent. This is the first time in 24 Marquette Law School Polls that Republicans have held an edge among all registered voters. Among likely voters, Republicans have a 32 percent to 28 percent advantage over Democrats, with 38 percent independent. 

“Across all Marquette polls in 2013 and 2014, Democrats have averaged a 4-point advantage among registered voters and a 3-point advantage among likely voters. It is unusual to see a 5-point net shift in partisan composition,” Franklin said. “People should be appropriately skeptical since it is always possible this sample is simply an outlier. 

Walker surrounds himself with crooks and failures...Chris Christie is comin' to town.

So now Scott Walker finds comfort with another fellow Governor under investigation, Chris Christie.

But wait, don't Walker and Christie share in a common economic vision of austerity?

Maybe Walker is fully aware of the 7 credit downgrades New Jersey received under Christie. I didn't know that either. And the amazing thing is, these guys not only have a slight edge to stay in office, but are possible candidates for president.

It's true, being Republican means never having to be successful, just in power (: Here's Rachel Maddow with Christie's surprising 7 credit downgrades that never seem to get the media mentions it should:

The Rabid Hate Obama Crowd wins elections.

I've mentioned by conservative friend in Milwaukee often because he's given me an insight into the conservative mindset. Hating Obama is one of those insights.

Remember when Republicans would accuse Democrats of "hating Bush," a bizarre retort which ended any reasonable debate about policy? What we're finding out now is that it was "projection," an attempt to defend their own "hate" impulse by attributing it to Democrats.

The Hate Obama Crowd: By chance, two situations came up that basically make this point. The breathless nonstop culmination of Obama attacks resulted in one common message; hate Obama. My conservative friend has been saying this for years, to the point where he doesn't even care about Scott Walker, jobs or the consequences of his parties tax cut policies. He's focused on Obama, and just how much he should hates him.

Here's one of many examples that add to that irrational perception. You'll notice how it's okay to attack Obama, but not okay to attack Bush:
Yahoo: “The View's” self-proclaimed Republican co-host Nicole Wallace came out swinging against President Barack Obama Tuesday morning, saying that she doesn't think he “loves people.” Citing an assertion made by political columnist and former psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer that Obama is clearly a narcissist, Wallace insisted such a diagnosis would explain why the President has an “inability to get things done.”

A stunned Rosie O'Donnell  asked Wallace if she was implying that Barack Obama doesn't love people. Wallace simply answered, “yeah.” Wallace defended her former boss while accusing O'Donnell of attacking  President Bush.
Love ObamaCare, Hate Obama: In the short NY Times clip below, you'll notice how Kentuckians who love ObamaCare will still vote Republican. They just hate Obama. Never mind that their traditional vote for Republicans will end their health care. It's scary stuff, and a reality check. There really is no way to appeal to conservatives:

Walker avoids Deficit Hole Collapse!

Scott Walker continues to show how little curiosity he has about occupations he should have some familiarity with by now, especially after attending ribbon cuttings and business grand openings. Heck, even I knew this one, highlighted below by someone much closer to an actual profession. WISAFLCIO
Jeff Kaminiski, President of the United Steelworkers Local 2006, representing workers at investor owned utilities in the state, made an official complaint with OSHA and called for the commercial to be pulled from the air.
“It’s clear Gov. Walker’s never worked a day of his life in this field. Gov. Walker should be fined by OSHA and this commercial should be immediately pulled for safety reasons.  This is someone in a leadership position setting an unsafe example for workers. 

Not only is Scott Walker not wearing any Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE as it is often referred to, such as a hard hat, safety gloves, work vest or
safety glasses, but he is making errors that could end in serious injury. I immediately noticed that the hole appears to be more than five feet deep, the ladder is not positioned correctly and Gov. Walker is making a host of mistakes, putting his safety at risk. There is no shoring to hold up the side walls … holes with unstable ground or greater than five feet must be shored and the ladder must extend two feet above the hole. As somebody who spends my days pushing safety on the job, these are big offenses.”   
WKOW's Tony Galli looks at the seriousness of the complaint:

Walker Raised Taxes, dismantling Reagan's Earned Income Tax Credit! Broke Norquist Pledge!!!

The latest Mary Burke campaign ad highlights the GOP’s best kept secret; they raised taxes.

Advantage Burke: Republicans were hoping to have it both ways, all the while getting off scot free for raising taxes and breaking their Americans for Tax Reform pledge. Nationally Republicans say they want to raise the Earned Income Tax Credit and scale back safety net programs, while locally Republicans want to reduce the EITC saying the poor didn't earn the tax credit, calling it a taxpayer handout.  

The Burke campaign is just pointing out what should be a major promise broken by Scott Walker; he raised taxes. WisPolitics:
The 30-second spot opens with Burke in a neighborhood saying Ronald Reagan had a really good idea about taxes. “Surprised you, didn't I?” she says before adding he expanded the EITC and cut taxes for working families. She then says Walker “had a really bad idea” in reducing the credit. 
“Cutting taxes for the wealthiest and raising them on 140,000 Wisconsin families. Raising income taxes on working families isn't just bad economics, it's wrong.”

Always remember; Grover Norquist's pledge and organization is based on an idea he came up with when he was 12 years old. Grover's middle school dream hasn't matured one iota since.

GOP sue again, hates new elections ballot!!! They love the courts.

Republicans can’t seem to do anything these days without going to court first. For a party that hates litigation, jackpot justice and frivolous lawsuits, they're now the biggest offenders, seeing nothing wrong with contradicting their own set of phony principles. WisPolitics:
Republicans filed suit this morning in Waukesha County court challenging a redesigned ballot to be used for the November election, arguing it unfairly favors Dems.
The old ballots had a shaded area listing the office and a bold black line under it, with the candidates listed below. Knowing that many of their low information voters aren't too smart, they say the lack of shading and the line separating the office from the first candidate will result in a vote for Democrats:
click to enlarge
The lawsuit, filed by the campaigns of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, argues the new design will also cause confusion among voters and lead to undervotes. Under the new design, the office is not shaded and there is no line between the office up for election and the first candidate listed. Lines separate each candidate. Dem candidates are listed first this year because President Obama won the state in 2012.
Frivolous? The GOP is redefining the word.
GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said any suggestion GAB staff had a partisan motivation in the redesign was "absurd."
Pretty much describes the party now. Absurd.

But more revealing is how easily Sen. Scott Fitzgerald is confused.Rep. Robin Vos insinuated a Google search would expose the ballots designer as "partisan leaning." There was no information found. I guess having any kind of opinion, or a life, or an occupation, or a favorite color that is not approved by our Republican micro managers Vos and Fitzgerald smacks of partisanship. Small government my ass. Maybe we should run everything through the Wisconsin Club for Growth, like Scott Walker does. From WKOW's Greg Neumann:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The harsh reality of Walker tax cuts: Taco Bell worker pays more in taxes than factory Owner!!!

Glenn Grothman's Democratic opponent Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris is throwing down a few memorable lines Democrats would be smart to repeat. This guy is good. PolitiFact took a look at one of his latest observations, that should give anyone with half a sense of decency a reality check:

From PolitiFact: 
In doing an interview with Harris on Sept. 2, 2014, John "Sly" Sylvester, a liberal radio talk show host in the Madison area, argued that Gov. Scott Walker’s administration has provided "corporate welfare" and that the Legislature "has been sort of a rubber stamp."

Harris, who is the Winnebago County executive, referred to Walker’s 2011-’13 state budget in giving this response:
"Well, even in the first Walker budget, Mr. Grothman pushed through tax credits for manufacturing and agriculture. And they basically passed credits that all but eliminate income tax on manufacturers and on agricultural operations. And, you know, it's not fair to have someone that owns a factory that produces millions in income pay less tax than their nephew would if he worked full time at Taco Bell for minimum wage. But that's exactly what Glenn Grothman passed, and it's phasing in gradually."

AG Van Hollen soft on Domestic Abusers and Harassers, decides not to use GPS tracking program.

AG J.B. Van Hollen must not have liked a program of grants to local police and communities in the 2013-2015 budget to monitor people under restraining orders with GPS technology. It looks like someone is soft on domestic abuse and harassment.
AP: DOJ officials say they never handed out any grants. They say the budget's statutory language doesn't give judges the authority to make GPS monitoring part of restraining orders.
Really? Or was it something else…
The Justice Department has asked Walker in its 2015-17 budget request to eliminate the program.
Ah, J.B. didn't like it. Got it. Aren't Republicans the ones determined to carry out laws passed by the legislature no matter what?

National Media Watching Wisconsin Voter ID fiasco!!

The New York Times editorial department picked up on the disastrous 7th Circuit Court decision to enact voter ID in just two months in Wisconsin. A little quick?

Consider what North Carolina did; they decided to give voters a number of years to ready themselves for the 2016 ID law. But not here, and not by the three conservative judges working with Scott Walker and J.B. Van Hollen. Isn't it odd how Walker, Van Hollen and the Wis. Supreme Court knew their quick work would pay off?
It is difficult to understand the reasoning of the federal appeals court panel that permitted Wisconsin officials to enforce a controversial voter ID lawless than two months before Election Day. That’s partly because the panel’sfive-paragraph order, issued late Friday only hours after oral arguments, offered the barest rationale for lifting the stay that Judge Lynn Adelman of the federal district court had placed on the law in April. Judge Adelman issued a remarkably thorough 70-page opinion finding that the law violated both the Voting Rights Act and the Constitution by making voting harder for a substantial number of Wisconsinites — disproportionately those who are minority and poorer, and who tend to vote Democratic.

Rick Hasen, a professor of election law at the University of California, Irvine, called the panel’s decision “a big, big mistake” on his blog. He added: “It is hard enough to administer an election with set rules — much less to change the rules midstream.” “Virtually no voter impersonation occurs in Wisconsin,” Judge Adelman found in April.

In short, voter ID laws don’t stop fraud. They stop otherwise-eligible voters from coming to the polls. Richard Posner, a federal appellate judge who sits on the same court as the judges on the ruling panel, made just this point when he said last fall that he was mistaken to have approved a voter ID law in Indiana seven years ago.

That law was upheld by the Supreme Court, which said the challengers had not produced enough evidence of how many voters would be harmed by it, or precisely how the ID requirement would burden them. The opponents of the Wisconsin law have produced reams of evidence on both counts. If that isn’t enough for Judge Posner’s colleagues, it is hard to imagine what would be.

UW Student ID's never changed to meet Voting Standards, instead, issue separate free card.

Guess what, the University of Wisconsin never updated their student ID's to make them useful for voting too, along with debit usage etc. It's only been...what...three "short" years. Student must ask for a free Voter ID card.

Why? Well, here's the explanation they gave earlier this year:
The UW student ID card didn’t meet all of the law’s requirements, and so in January 2012, the UW received permission from the state’s Government Accountability Board to issue special voter ID cards free of charge to students who requested them. James Wysocky, who works in administration and marketing for campus cards at the Wisconsin Union said, “We didn’t expect a significant volume, as most students have a driver’s license or passport. That’s why we didn’t redesign the student ID but issued a separate voter ID instead.” 
So here's the UW Voter ID, and the regular Student ID. How hard would it have been to add a signature?

From the GAB list of standards:
  • An unexpired identification card issued by a Wisconsin-accredited university or college that contains the following:
-- Date of Issuance
-- Signature of Student
-- Expiration date not later than two years after Date of Issuance

Burke hits gold in Walker Deficit Hole.

The Walker "hole" ad was truly an election year gift to Mary Burke, not just bloggers.

My own take pictured here was just the beginning. The Burke campaign decided to mine their own  gold out of Walker's dig.
WisPolitics: Dem guv candidate Mary Burke's campaign today announced a new TV ad using footage from Gov. Scott Walker's latest spot. The Burke ad begins with a clip of Walker saying in an ad, "It's a lot easier to dig a hole than to get out of one."

"But hold on -- it was Gov. Walker who got us here. His tax breaks for the wealthy helped create a $1.8 billion deficit ... and Wisconsin hit rock bottom in Midwest job growth."

"Gov. Walker, please stop digging," the ad concludes.
Even my conservative friend in Milwaukee was stunned by Walker's decision to run something so inviting to his opponents. He by the way thinks Burke's "Reagan" ad was a powerful statement. Take it away Mary Burke.

The Walker Recall Blacklist is Back, used against Democratic Candidate Mark Harris running for Petri’s seat.

Major donors get to hide their political affiliations all the while influencing local elections and public policy. It’s all about free speech. But those citizens who participate in the actual electoral process, like deciding to have a recall, have their political affiliation publically exposed and are retaliated against by the Republican Party. 

A brief line covering the recent private “debate” between Glenn Grothman and Mark Harris pretty much says it all. Harris had a nice comeback, as seen below, despite Grothman's insinuation that the recall signature all by itself should disqualify Harris from public office. Dissent will not be tolerated. Also note the interesting purpose for voter ID bluntly stated in the picture:
WPR: Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman, and Democratic Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, competing in the 6th Congressional District, sparred over topics … Grothman also criticized Harris for signing the recall petition against Gov. Scott Walker. 
Harris destroyed Grothman's smug suggestion that Act 10 helped Harris' county. There's a reason why I thought Harris should have run for governor; he's quietly smarter and more confident than most every politician in the state.
Harris said he did so because Walker's policies hurt the county and its many public employees in and around Oshkosh. 
Harris' answer to signing the recall petition and dealing with Act 10 was right on the money:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Walker springs Big Government Drug Test on Wisconsinites who we all know are drug addicts.

Boy, we’re so not in Wisconsin anymore.

Scott Walker’s talk of actually drug testing childless individuals getting unemployment and/or food stamps is the height of big government Republicanism. So now we can confirm the unemployed are drug addicted freeloaders? Can you say kick ‘em when they’re down? Unconstitutional?

What Republicans don't want to deal with are the “free market” consequences of their corporate offshoring/inversion policies. Yea, go after the guy who lost his job instead of asking why big business has scaled down their workforce while pushing their "job creator" myth. And Republicans continue to use the courts to push for everything they want:
Gov. Scott Walker's promises for a second term include cutting property and income taxes for individuals and requiring drug tests for those seeking unemployment and food stamp benefits. "We believe that there will potentially be a fight with the federal government and in court. ... Our goal here is not to make it harder to get government assistance; it's to make it easier to get a job," Walker said.
Walker rationalizes unwarranted drug testing by suggesting he's actually helping the unemployed pass their employer drug test. What a guy? Did you ever get the idea this guy never had a real job in his life? Who requires drug tests? Let's start with politicians? I wish.

Rep. Robin Vos had to chime in:
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said ... that the federal government should take its cues from state officials and try to help them reach goals like that rather than hinder them. "The system is upside down. It should be us pushing them," Vos said.
John Nygren loves the idea too, and said so on WPR’s Joy Cardine Show, included in the audio clip below. But what Walker, Vos and Nygren are proposing is only a starting point. Despite the unconstitutional nature of drug test, the following repugnant rant contains many of the ideas above, and a few additional suggestions mentioned often by Rep. Paul Ryan. Let’s be clear, this is how conservatives think, starting with Nygren, and ending with former Arizona state senator Russell Pearce:

Huffinton Post: Former Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce resigned as Arizona Republican Party's first vice chair late Sunday after receiving criticism over recent comments he made about women on Medicaid.
"You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I'd do is get [female recipients] Norplant, birth-control implants, or tubal ligations," Pearce said. "Then, we'll test recipients for drugs and alcohol, and if you want to [reproduce] or use drugs or alcohol, then get a job … (people out there [who] need help) " should get it from "family, church, and community," not the government.

“No cash for Ding Dongs and Ho Hos, you’d only get money for 15-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and powdered milk – all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want a steak or frozen pizza, then you’d have to get a job. Ever live in a military barracks? You’ll maintain your property in a clean, good state of repair, and your home will be subjected to an inspection at any time, possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or an X-Box 360, then get a job.”
 Ironically, Pearce and most Republicans call the above “small government?” Oh, and the old tube TV's, you can't buy them anymore, so enough with with the big flat panel TV talk:
Pearce insisted he favored a small-government solution to poverty.
Pearce is like every other Republicans, he’s a freeloader:
When he’s not hosting his KKNT-AM program, Pearce helps promote the Elderly Assistance Fund in his taxpayer-paid position in the Maricopa County treasurer’s office ... paid $85,000 a year in that role, the newspaper reported, and he also draws a public pension from previous government work. Pearce accepted but didn't report nearly $40,000 in paid junkets and college football tickets from Fiesta Bowl officials while helping them receive state subsidies. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Walker's new ad a Gold Mine for Bloggers...

Did he really NOT know his recent ad was bad idea?

Seriously, it didn't take long for me to throw this honest depiction of Walker economics together with a simple screen capture:

Why is this man smiling?

Heck, here's a few images...get creative:

Come on down...?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Walker's Scheme to Sabotage ObamaCare and raise rates on Wisconsinites!

 Scott Walker has a scheme that has “stand with Walker” voters duped.  See if Walker’s 3 point health care game plan sounds fair to Wisconsinites:

1. Tax Cut Heaven: Walker’s tax cuts for the average filer and homeowner totals $177 a year. Wow huh?

2. Insurance Premium Hell: Walker’s intentional effort to prove ObamaCare is a massive failure by helping push health insurance rates even higher is your average individual $251 a year, and your cash strapped family $1,017 a year through an employer.

3. Taxpayers Lose: Walker’s tax cuts are insignificant, and pass directly from us to our health insurers through higher premiums, and then some.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has been analyzing the numbers since the beginning of the ACA, comparing Wisconsin with Minnesota. The Affordable Care Act isn't just about people and families getting a good deal on the exchanges, but it also gives the states the ability to review insurance premiums and negotiate them downward. 

And Walker won’t do that, intentionally. This is one way Walker can prove the ACA is responsible for forcing rates to skyrocket, even though it’s his own fault.
SHOP is Coming: SHOP stands for “Small Business Health Options Program,” and even before it begins, Walker has made sure the businesses that are the backbone of our state’s recovery is hammered by high exchange rates.
Wisconsin (has) tried to undermine the health law. The state commissioner here has not provided a robust review of rates, rejecting those that are too high. The ACA tasks state regulators with reviewing health insurance premium rate increases of over 10% and making a public determination of whether such increases are justified by actual medical costs, finding those that are not justified excessive. As revealed by previous research, the Wisconsin Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OCI) has yet to find any health insurance rate increase excessive. Wisconsin also has the statutory authority to challenge rates which are not justified, but the Walker Administration's OCI has yet to use this authority.
That alone is evidence of Walker’s scheme. Now let’s compare:
Minnesota has used a robust rate review process to lower health insurance premiums. According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, rate review played a major role in moderating rates, reducing originally filed rates from 4‐37%. It is possible that this understates the impact of such rigorous rate review, as insurers may have submitted lower rates in the first place knowing they would face strict regulatory scrutiny.
There’s a second reason for higher rates; turning down Medicaid Expansion:
Increasing the number of people without health coverage increases uncompensated care, shifting costs onto private health insurance plans. Insurance companies in turn price premiums based on the projected impact of such cost shifting … denial of BadgerCare to an estimated 87,000 residents … has substantial impact on premiums. A report by Small Business Majority found that accepting federal Medicaid funds would contribute to ending the practice of cost shifting of health care premiums now paid by employers to cover the uncompensated costs. The report found this uncompensated care cost to total over $1,017 per year for a family plan.
Walker wants Small Businesses to get Clobbered:
This report finds that Wisconsin participants on the health insurance marketplace will be paying (before tax credits) premiums of over $675.48 more per year for each employee for a single Silver policy than their counterparts in Minnesota. States which make health coverage more affordable for small businesses will also generate greater economic opportunity than those which do not. The startling numbers in this report make a strong case that policymakers in Madison should put their ideological differences aside, and work cooperatively to secure the full benefit of national health care reform in Wisconsin.
Here's the audio report from Wisconsin Public Radio:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

When Ryan sees a threat, he won't care what you think...the move toward Right Wing Authoritarianism.

There's a reason why I think Paul Ryan is one of the most dangerous politicians out there right now, and it's not because he ideologically conservative. 

It's because Ryan is a rightwing authoritarian, and has clearly told us just that over the last few years. You wouldn't want one as your president. He's repeatedly warned us about what he'd do if he were in charge. Do a "roll call" search of this blog and you'll see what I mean.

In the slide show below, from Upfront with Mike Gousha, Ryan used key words and phrases that should scare the daylights out of anyone who truly believes in what Ryan calls the American "idea." Here are 5 examples from our arrogant egotist in the clip below:
- "This is what requires leadership."

- "It is hard to lead when your saying things people may not want to hear, but leaders nevertheless if they see a threat to their country need to do something about it." 

- " we can win the kinds of elections we're going to have to win, to get the moral authority and mandate to fix this countries problems on our own terms as nation before it's too late." 

- "What I'm trying to do here is to build a majoritarian movement to fix America's problems..."

- "The kinds of elections we're going to have to win in my judgement, if we're going to save the American idea, are the kind of elections the American people give us the mandate and the authority to fix our countries problems before their outside of our control...we need to lead..." 
Ryan isn't hiding anything. Here's my slide show of that interview:

Check out right wing authoritarianism here, here, here, here, and here.

Ryan's advice to other Republicans: Be a good listener?

Rep. Paul Ryan's comments during an interview with Upfront's Mike Gousha had an especially hollow ring to them, after videos surfaced showing Ryan ejecting Americans who dared to ask him a few inconvenient questions at a couple book signings recently.

Below, I've edited together what I think tells us the whole story of this arrogant rightwing authoritarian career politician. His actions speak louder than his deceptively wonkish empty words:

Prosthetic Superhero Hands make Kids feel Special, instead of Different.

A newer generation of prosthetic hands are controlled by simple back and forward wrist movements to open and close the mechanical hand. With the help of cheap 3-D printing plastic material, these devises can now take on superhero qualities, and make a child feel "special, instead of different."

The amazing feel good story of the week. Huffington Post:
Prosthetic hands are great. Prosthetic Wolverine claws are even better -- especially when you're designing and building them for children in need, as Aaron Brown has done. Brown, a 3D printing enthusiast in Grand Rapids, Michigan, volunteers for a global organization called Enabling the Future, which designs and prints prosthetic fingers and hands for people in need.

Brown modified Enable's free prosthetic hand plans, building an edition with Wolverine-inspired "claws" he thought would appeal especially to children. "People’s faces just lit up!" Brown told Enable in an interview. "The kids went crazy over it. And don’t worry ... the claws aren’t sharp! They are rounded plastic and just stick on and off with velcro."
The positive response inspired him to consider designing other superhero-themed prosthetics, he says, potentially transforming children in need into Batman, Iron Man or Captain America.

It wouldn't be the first time a child missing a hand was transformed into a superhero, Nerdist points out. Earlier this month, Hawaii's KHON2 reported the story of “Bubba” Kahae, a 3-year-old boy who received a custom Iron Man prosthetic, printed and sent to him for free by an Enable volunteer.

Here's another report, from CBS News: